Preparing for tomorrow's community workshops to renovate the Eltham Copper Butterfly mural at Edendale.  During the past two years I have created many butterflies:  I've sewn it, appliqued it, drawn it, painted it, made it from wood and recycled materials, dressed up as it and now mosaicked it!  The people of Eltham really love this insect.


DSC_0008_FotorI met some angels last night...

"Must I give up now? If I do give up, then mankind will lose its storyteller. And if mankind once loses its storyteller, then it will lose its childhood.”

“What is wrong with peace that its inspiration doesn't endure?”

The aged poet,  Wim Wenders Wings of Desire


DSC_0018_Fotor_FotorPumpkin Flower- the Fall, 2015 acrylic house paint on timber round (27cm x 14cm)

The pumpkin flower is short lived, if the flower is pollinated a tiny pumpkin will form at it's base growing larger and larger.  If not, it will  fall signaling decay and the earth’s system of composting all that was once living.

This baby sized artwork  is painted  on camphor laurel timber.