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New Growth is part of the Camouflage Species series and has been submitted to the 2023 Nillumbik Art Award.

New Growth responds to the concept of military camouflage and the covering up of plant species loss due to global warming and human disturbance of habitats. It reminds us we cannot ignore the losses occurring in front of our eyes.

New Growth is a wish for the future as a tiny, vulnerable Yellow Box eucalyptus tree reaches for the sun.

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Camouflage is a site specific installation that aims to highlight the geographical and historical relationships between the Simpson Army Barracks, the Watsonia Library, the local community, the natural environment and indigenous plant species.

Camouflage has been used to symbolically obscure local plant species loss due to such things as global warming, human disturbance - such as land development and the North East Link road project.

An installation of four Camouflage murals can be viewed on approach to the Watsonia Train Station. Another group of paintings are located in the Watsonia Library’s Japanese Garden and another (further group of six) can be found decorating a cyclone fence under Greensborough Walk, near the Banyule Council Offices.

A further two Camouflage paintings have been installed in the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub Atrium foyer and another is displayed in a Banyule Open Studios group exhibition at The Loft 275 Gallery @ ILCH.

The Camouflage project is supported by a Banyule Council Art in Public Spaces grant and the YPRL, Watsonia Library Branch.

Please join us to celebrate the opening of "Change" Friday the 8th of July 5pm to 7pm @ Loft 275 Gallery in the Ivanhoe Arts and Cultural Hub, 275 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe. All welcome!

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