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Germinate opens 17th November until 5th December 2021 @ Loft 275 Gallery in Ivanhoe, Melbourne

The focus of Germinate is the incredible story of seeds and germination.  The exhibition's inception occurred during Melbourne's long Covid lockdown when the postal system was in chaos and made it difficult to source art materials.  I began exploring alternative ways of making art using materials found locally.  I experimented with types of papier-mâché until I decided to use glassine paper to make a series of seeds. 

The number of works grew and grew as the lockdown days continued.  The exhibition activates the gallery space with artworks being suspended from the ceiling, sculptures, wall drawings, works on paper and a seed raising table. Gallery visitors are invited to take home a recycled coir pot filled with soil and Magenta Silverbeet seeds to germinate at home.

As part of the exhibition, the outside ILCH gallery wall windows will host large paintings and drawings of seed and plants.


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