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Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2024!

As an independent artist, I'm pleased to be a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize held @ the South Australian Museum!

My "Camo Moths" painting was crated up and sent off a few weeks ago. wOw...

"Since 2002 the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize has called for established and emerging artists to turn their gaze to the natural world. Named after the South Australian Museum’s first curator, Frederick George Waterhouse, this biennial prize recognises the long-running interplay between scientific research and the creative arts, from the illustrators and sculptors who help to describe and depict specimens, to contemporary artists who invite us to think about our environment and our impact on the natural world. View this inspiring and suprising exhibition that crosses disciplines and borders as it celebrates science and art of the natural world."

South Australian Museum Nth Terrace, Adelaide SA

Open daily 10am-5pm from 12 April to 10 June 2024; ANZAC Day (25 April) 12noon-5pm. Tickets are valid for one entry for the date purchased during exhibition opening hours.

"Digital camouflage design is both a design feature and symbolically hides what is occurring in front of our eyes. Camo Moths highlights the recent decline in numbers of Bogong Moths to the point of them being endangered. Although numbers of moths are increasing their future remains perilous." "Camo Moths" Haymes house paint on marine ply. 112cm x 94cm, 2024

Thanks for the beautiful photograph Clare Rae:)


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