Every day on the way to the studio, I pass through a productive permaculture food garden.  I become distracted weeding, trying out  new produce - either  summer harvest or winter greens there's always something to tend and taste.  My concern regarding environmental sustainability  and our relationship with nature has formed a consistent theme in my studio practice.

In a time of climate change we need to look at ways in which we can live more sustainably by lowering our environmental impact.  Permaculture looks to nature for more sustainable ways of living by working with nature and not against it.   Permaculture has three main ethical guidelines it's a simple way of looking after our environment, ecology and ourselves.

  • Care for the earth
  • Care for people
  • Redistribute surplus

Growing some of your own seasonal fresh food is one way of lowering food miles and the impact of industrialized agriculture.  Observing natures rhythms, patterns and cycles teaches us about ourselves and our relationship with the earth.